Are you doing what it takes?

EPISODE 067: Are you doing what it takes?

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Welcome to 1 Minute Tips!

We all want to accomplish more, reach new heights, overcome our challenges. We want to be better, to do better things.

But we often forget that it will take time, dedication and patience.

Wishing to be a better person won’t make you one. Wishing to have a better job won’t land you a new career opportunity. Wishing to visit a new country won’t make a plane ticket fall on your lap.

I’m a firm believer of dreaming, of wishing. But I also know that if you don’t do what it takes, these dreams and wishes may never become a reality.

Once you want to achieve something, you gotta be prepared to pay the price, to do the work, to do what it takes.

In my opinion, that’s where most of us fail. I’ve certainly did, many times.

When I wanted to accomplish something, it sounded all too good in theory. But I wasn’t ready to do the work. This can only result in failure.

Remember this when setting new goals. Don’t fool yourself, thinking it is a “set and forget” deal.

Are you ready to do what it takes?

I’m Rod Gomes and I’ll come back with another 1 minute tip soon.
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Take care, stay active, stay positive!


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