Don’t be afraid to say no

EPISODE 065: Don’t be afraid to say no

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Welcome to 1 Minute Tips!

Have you ever said yes, when you really wanted to say no?

We’ve all been there. Maybe it was a favor for a friend or family member, maybe it was a work colleague.

We feel bad for saying no. Mainly because we don’t want to hurt, or cause discomfort to others.

We’d rather feel bad ourselves, so we say yes and then deal with the pain of having to do what we didn’t want to, in the first place.

This is something we must pay attention to, saying yes to everything and everyone is definitely not a good thing. You will end up overwhelmed and frustrated.

I’m not encouraging you to say no to every little thing, but start to prioritize. Do you have the extra time right now? Can you do it without compromising your own goals or projects? Is this something that will make you feel bad with yourself? Does it go agains’t your values?

There are many questions you can ask yourself before saying yes. You should follow your instincts, don’t diminish yourself in order to please others.

Your life, goals, projects and values are your number one priorities. Don’t feel bad for saying no when you have to. Let the other person know why you can’t help at the moment.

This works way better than saying yes just for the sake of it.

I’m Rod Gomes and I’ll come back with another 1 minute tip soon.
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Take care, stay active, stay positive!


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