You are not your emotions

EPISODE 064: You are not your emotions

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Welcome to 1 Minute Tips!

Have your ever noticed how when your feeling happy, or motivated, you automatically know that you’re not going to feel this way forever?

Now try to remember a moment where you felt depressed or sad. These negative emotions tend to make you feel like this is who you are, permanently.

This is a false belief. You are not your emotions and they don’t define who you are.

They’re temporary feelings, good or bad. They will come and they will vanish. You do have the power to extend the duration of the good ones, as you also have the power to let go of the emotions that are not doing you any good.

It’s unfortunate that we focus much more on the bad ones, which makes them stay with us for a longer period of time.

Emotions will come and go, it’s important that you learn how to deal with them.

Always remember that they don’t define who you are.

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